Our customers love the GasAlert Clip Extreme H2S Monitor because it's one of the easiest and most affordable H2S monitors on the market. This detector requires no maintenance (no need to change sensors or batteries). Once you turn on the Honeywell's BW GasAlert Clip Extreme, it will run for two full years as a diffusion monitor to continuously check its environment for H2S.

The GasAlert Clip Extreme H2S Monitor's large LCD display assures you that the unit is still running with a countdown showing when it will need to be replaced. It does not, however, display current gas levels, and only goes into alarm when dangerous levels have been reached. If you need a monitor that constantly displays current gas concentrations, consider the BW GasAlert Extreme H2S Monitor or Draeger H2S Monitor.

The GasAlert Clip Extreme Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor is durable, lightweight and has audible and vibration alarms set to ring should the wearer encounter dangerous levels of gas.

For workers going between job sites with different regulations (refineries, for example), the BW GasAlert Clip Extreme Adjustable Alarm H2S Monitor is a great option. For just a few extra dollars, it can easily be adjusted to alarm when it reads either five or ten parts per million, eliminating the need for multiple H2S monitors.

The H2S GasAlert Clip Extreme is compatible with the MicroDock II for quick and easy bump testing and with the IR Data Link and Fleet Manager software (shipped with the MicroDock II) to retrieve and store OSHA-required data.

Each unit is packed individually in a cardboard box with an instruction manual, warranty card, calibration/bump test adapter, and calibration certificate from the factory.

BW Honeywell GasAlert Clip Extreme Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Monitor GA24XT-H

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) BW 2 year personal monitor

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