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​​Facepiece seal protection.
1910.134(g)(1)(i) The employer shall not permit respirators with tight-fitting facepieces to be worn by employees who have:

1910.134(g)(1)(i)(A) Facial hair that comes between the sealing surface of the facepiece and the face or that interferes with valve function; or

1910.134(g)(1)(i)(B) Any condition that interferes with the face-to-facepiece seal or valve function.

"I wear contact lenses or glasses at work, is this ok?" 
1910.134(g)(1)(ii) If an employee wears corrective glasses or goggles or other personal protective equipment, the employer shall ensure that such equipment is worn in a manner that does not interfere with the seal of the facepiece to the face of the user.

1910.134(g)(1)(iii) For all tight-fitting respirators, the employer shall ensure that employees perform a user seal check each time they put on the respirator using the procedures in Appendix B-1 or procedures recommended by the respirator manufacturer that the employer demonstrates are as effective as those in Appendix B-1 of this section.

Training Center Location

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(Length: 4-hours)

Delivery Method: Instructor-Led

Refresher Needed: Annually


PEC H2S Clear was designed to improve employee safety for general industry workers who may potentially come in contact with hydrogen sulfide in the workplace. This course has been developed to meet the current classroom requirements of ANSI Z390.1 and new ANSI requirements coming in 2017. PEC H2S Clear will provides students with crucial knowledge of the dangers of H2S and the precautions, tools and controls necessary when working in potential H2S environments.

This training can be conducted at your facility or at our training center. We can train one at a time or 100. The course is made up of classroom lecture with audio visual aids, videos, powerpoint & test that cover all applicable regulations. The awareness training class is typically conducted every day at our training location starting at 8AM (please call for seating availability). Duration of class is 1.5 hours. Upon successful completion of the test. The student will receive a Certificate of Completion wallet card with a ONE year expiration date. ​

OSHA's standard for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in general industry, 
29 CFR 1910.1000 and API RP 49 & 55, states:

When to re-certify? All persons working in the oilfield where H2S concentrations are known MUST complete an H2S certification course annually.

Occupational Safety & Health Association - Code of Federal Regulation & American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice)



PEC H2S Clear

Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness Training
(Bilingual Instruction also available)

Hydrogen Sulfide Awareness Training
Advanced & S.C.B.A.

  • OSHA Regulation & Common Names

  • Properties of H2S

  • Gas Exposure

  • Toxicity Levels

  • Exposure Limits

  • Associated Gasses 

  • Wind Directional Equipment

  • Initial Response Strategy

  • Respretory Protection Equipment

  • Testing, Training and Inspection

  • Maintenance and Storage

Topics Discussed

H2S Awareness Training

Frequently Asked Questions

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